Festivel internacional Signos de la Noche - International Festival Signs of the Night - Tucumán, Argentina


3° Festival internacional Signos de la Noche - Tucumán - December 1-4, 2021

19th International Festival Signs of he Night- Argentina



Saturday December 4th, 2021

Online Screening


A Loss of Something Ever Felt

Carlos Eduardo Lesmes Lopez
Estonia, Colombia, Sweden / 2020 | 1:22:00

A woman travels from Estonia to Colombia to look for her drug-addicted and alcoholic half-brother. Six months have passed since Lauri, a drug addict living in Colombia, called his mother Hille back home in Estonia, asking for money. After phoning embassies and police departments without an address or ID to go on, she hits a dead end. Desperate, she asks her daughter Eeva to fly to Bogotá and look for him. Bewildered as to how to search a city of 9 million, she reluctantly sets off. She was Lauri’s closest confidant when they were children, but a decade of his tumultuous addiction drove them half a world apart. Walking the streets he might have slept on, seeing the dangers he must have faced, she begins to know her brother again. But as sightings crop up through a network of outreach volunteers, Eeva soon fears what she might find. Lurching between hope and panic, her journey takes an unexpected turn that transforms this compelling chase into an unforgettable mission of the heart.